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Testimonials for Jonathan Hancock's work:

'Simply amazing! It has never been so easy to learn. Thank you Jonathan...'
Arun, UK

'Jonathan Hancock's work will certainly lead you on the path to genius'
John, India

'A remarkable memory system that's changed the way I think and work. Merci encore Jonathan!'
Gerard Basset, Master of Wine, Europe's Best Sommelier

Jonathan Hancock is available for interview. He can also supply customized articles for your publication, explaining the benefits of a trained memory and summarizing the secrets contained in the website. He is a professional broadcaster and a skilled communicator, able to give entertaining and inspirational demonstrations of memory power.

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You can use your brain in new and exciting ways in every area of your life.
You have an incredible memory. Don't you owe it to yourself to learn how to use it?
This is the ultimate guide to using your memory.
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