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The Memory Power Course

The memory course that reveals the best memory techniques ever devised!

  • Get to know your brain & how it works
  • What you need to use your brain well
  • Amazing facts about your Memory Power
  • Tests to assess the way you think best
  • Secrets of using both 'sides' of your brain
  • Techniques from ancient Greeks and Romans
  • Applying memory techniques to everyday challenges
  • Bring your memory to life
  • Realise your full memory potential
  • Explore how to remember words
  • Turn words and phrases into memorable images
  • Using images to increase your memory power
  • Secrets of remembering names & faces
  • How to memorize memos, essays & long documents
  • Building the confidence to speak from memory
  • Help your audience remember everything you say
  • Remember jokes, spellings and foreign languages
  • Increase your memory retention of written data
  • Learn the secrets of remembering numbers
  • Strategies for dealing with PINS & passcodes
  • How to remember telephone numbers & prices
  • Memorizing times & dates to help you control your life
  • Learn formulae & betting systems
  • Memory techniques from the Ancient Greeks and Romans
  • How to remember map references & serial numbers
  • Organise & memorize all the digits you need to know
  • Applying your memory skills to your life
  • Developing your own strategies for learning
  • Remembering scripts, playing-cards, recipes, music
  • Learn complex directions, sporting manoeuvres
  • Control your memory to re-learn old habits
  • Gain control of your memory for new challenges
  • Use both sides of your brain to be more creative
  • Start making yourself more memorable to others
  • Learn the importance of sleep
  • How good nutrition & exercise can help your memory
  • How to maintain a healthy memory
  • How to keep your mind active and young
  • Be inspired to apply your memory skills to every aspect of your life


If you want your children to make the most of their memories, Memory Power for Children is a priceless resource. This interactive course, aimed at 9-14 year-olds, reveals the secrets of memory, and explains how any young person can learn to pass tests and exams, develop their imagination, boost their creativity, and enjoy real confidence in their mental abilities.

Author Jonathan Hancock developed his amazing memory while he was still at school, and used it to pass all his exams with straight A grades before going on to achieve a First Class degree from Oxford University. Through working on children's books like "Mega Memory", "Memory Workout" and "How To Be Genius", and by conducting training sessions in schools, Jonathan has developed an approach to memory that will be intriguing, entertaining and useful to any young reader. He also has ten years’ experience as a teacher and school leader, working with a wide range of children – from those with Special Educational Needs to young people classed as Gifted and Talented. He has appeared on all five series of the popular Channel 4 TV programme "Child Genius".

Memory Power for Children explains how our memory works, and what we have to do to make it work better. Tests and experiments let children investigate their own memory, its strengths and weaknesses, and start putting into practice the strategies that made Jonathan a World Memory Champion.

The core of Jonathan's techniques is imagination, and children always enjoy letting the creative side of their brains run riot. The principles may be great fun, but the benefits are serious: in no time your children will be counting in Japanese, reeling off lists of words and numbers, memorizing names and faces, poems, facts, spellings, multiplication tables... Soon they'll understand how to make any kind of information memorable, and they'll be able to tackle any memory challenge with total confidence.

Get children into the right memory habits early on and these skills will last a lifetime. The unique Memory Power course lets children harness the true power of their memories, and puts them on the right track to achieving their full potential.