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FREE MEMORY TEST: Story about Brian

Here are 20 questions.
Please answer as many questions as you can in two minutes.
Click the answer you believe to be the correct one.

1. What was the fourth item on Brian's shopping list?

2. Which food appeared after oranges on the list?

3. What was the first word in the story?

4. What was Al Phillips' Flight Number?

5. Which A-road did Brian take to get to the airport?

6. When did Brian arrange to meet Angela Dunn?

7. Which of these words did not appear in the story?

8. What's Brian's new PIN?

9. What's Phil Spence's extension number?

10. What's Brian's latest computer password?

11. Who's the new chairman?

12. Where had Brian booked a table for lunch?

13. Which of these people joined them for lunch?

14. How was the food described?

15. Who had just celebrated a birthday?

16. What's another name for Chinese peppercorns?

17. What's the Cantonese name for the seaweed Brain enjoyed?

18. What was the visitor's room number?

19. When did this story happen?

20. How many times was Brian's name misspelled in the story?