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FREE MEMORY TEST: Story about Brian

Read the following story.
You don't need to take notes - just spend a little time finding out about a busy day in the life of Brian.
Allow yourself two minutes. When you have finished reading it, spend another two minutes answering some questions.

Brian had a lot to remember today.

As he left the house, Brian's wife reminded him to buy some food on his way home: bread, apples, cheese, celery, walnuts, oranges, ham, salmon and crackers.

When he arrived at work, the first thing he had to remember was an early meeting with Charlie Anderson and Lee Westerby, after which he left the office and drove to the airport along the A 327 to meet Al Phillips, a client visiting from New York on flight BA 634.

While he waited for the plane to arrive, Brian bumped into one of his customers, Angela Dunn. She was rushing to catch a flight but she suggested they could meet properly on January 12th when she was back in town to stay with her son Andy.

Brian had some time to kill so he bought himself a cup of coffee and a magazine, remembering the PIN on his new bank card: 5624.

Al's plane landed safely and Brain drove him straight to the office. Phil Spence from the PR department wanted to meet Al, so Brian called his extension - 8905 - from the car and Phil was there in the lobby then they arrived. While Al was given a tour, Brian logged on to his computer with the latest password he'd been assigned, TZX20763, checked his emails, and read that the company's new chairman had been announced: Ray Weston.

When Al returned from his tour, Brian suggested they had some lunch. He'd booked a table at Ming Tsai's Chinese Restaurant, and they were joined there by Sheila Levy and Kim Rutter. Sheila had just celebrated her birthday with a trip to New York, so she and Al had plenty to talk about. The food was excellent and the waiter was keen to educate them about Chinese cuisine. He told Brian that the seaweed he'd enjoyed was called fat choy in Cantonese, and that the Chinese peppercorns were known as fagara. When the conversation returned to business, Brain told Al that he was booked into the prestigious Room 236 at the Park Towers Hotel, where Ronald Reagan had once spent the night. Al could settle in after lunch, and there'd be a taxi waiting at 4.30 to bring him back to the office for a meeting with some of the senior staff.

Brian, meanwhile, would have to find time in a busy afternoon to buy some groceries.