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Jonathan Hancock - Youngest ever memory champion!

At the age of 16, Jonathan Hancock invented a system for memorizing playing-cards and broke the first of his two Guinness World Records. For three years running he was ranked as the best in the world at remembering names and faces. In 1994 he became the youngest ever World Memory Champion. He has used his memory skills to achieve a First from Oxford University, and to pursue a successful career as a broadcaster with the BBC. Jonathan has written six books about memory and learning, including Maximise Your Memory (Reader's Digest) and Mindpower System (Hodder). A consultant to telecommunications and entertainment companies, he also runs memory training courses in business and education, and has appeared on radio and television around the world as an expert on memory improvement.

Memorypower.org is the result of Jonathan's personal adventures in memory. It explains the best strategies for learning words and numbers, lists, names, spellings, foreign languages... It reveals the secrets of speaking from memory, and demonstrates how everyone can start to be more memorable to others. It includes Jonathan's own system for memorizing playing cards which won him two Guinness world records, and a unique technique for remembering numbers that has been described as the most powerful ever devised. It explains how your brain works, and what you need to do to make it work for everything you need to know.

Jonathan Hancock is available for interview. He can also supply customized articles for your publication, explaining the benefits of a trained memory and summarizing the secrets contained in the website. He is a professional broadcaster and a skilled communicator, able to give entertaining and inspirational demonstrations of memory power.

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