1. Battle of the Brains: The Grown-Ups vs the Kids

Who wins when the whole family starts training their memory?

Who has the best memory in your family?

It’s time to find out, because now there’s a website that lets everyone challenge their mental skills – and the results may come as quite a surprise.

“Memory is complicated,” says leading memory expert Jonathan Hancock. “How we feel about our mental strength can make a big difference to our success, but it can also blind us to the reality. It’s easy to get it wrong about other people, too, especially if all they want to tell us is how bad their memory has become,” he explains.

“So don’t be fooled! You can get distracted by the most obvious evidence and by people’s negative tales, or tricked by ‘memory myths’. But getting older doesn’t have to mean forgetting everything – and being young doesn’t guarantee perfect recall.”

Jonathan is keen for everyone to take an honest look at their memory performance, even those who think they’re too busy to try anything new. “Even in the thick of everyday life,” he says, “at home and work, notice how much information you’re coping with brilliantly – as well as all the things you forget. You remember some things – so consider what life might be like if you could remember more of the things that really matter.”

“And be aware of the way memory changes,” he adds. “Kids and grown-ups have different areas of strength, but also different challenges. As our learning needs develop, our brains adapt in fascinating ways, and it’s important to know what you can do now to make the most of your memory, whatever stage of life you’re at.”

That was Jonathan’s motivation to create the Memory Power website: to help everyone with their memory, showing them how to use their own particular strengths to cope with the changing demands of life. He believes his newly-launched interactive courses will reveal fascinating and important things about the brains of all your family and friends.

He says that far too many people get frustrated with their memory – without doing anything about it. “The typical response is: I used to be OK but now I forget everything,” he explains. “They talk about what they could do, if their memory was better… but really they just need a bit of a nudge to see that it’s all absolutely possible. They should be remembering names, numbers, jobs, facts… getting more done at work… talking from memory… learning new skills… And they really could, if they just developed a few key techniques.”

An Oxford graduate and former World Memory Champion, Jonathan has perfected his methods through writing countless books and running training events in business and education. “I’ve seen people transform their lives through memory,” he says. “Once you know how to switch on your learning, you can pass exams, impress in interviews, socialise with more confidence – even improve your work-life balance.”

Jonathan has also been a teacher and Headteacher, so he knows the importance of getting children into the right habits early on.

“That’s why I’m so proud of the Memory Power website,” he says. “There are separate courses for adults and for children, and I hope families get into some healthy competition to see who can do the most with their memory. Whether you’re a child wanting to improve your results in tests, or a retired person keen to keep your brain fit – or anyone in between – I’m confident there’s training here that will bring you huge benefits. I’d love you to see how much of a difference it can make.”

Fully revised, with a range of interactive tests and challenges, the new Memory Power courses are available online at The training guides and extra resources reveal how memory skills can be trained and utilised at every stage of life, with Jonathan giving practical tips and advice every step of the way.

“I’m challenging every family to use Memory Power to train everyone’s memory – to see how much more they can all do, when they know how.”

So, are you up for Jonathan’s challenge? And who do you think your family champion will be?

The author:

At the age of 16, Jonathan Hancock invented a system for memorizing playing-cards and broke the first of his two Guinness World Records. For three years running he was ranked as the best in the world at remembering names and faces. In 1994 he won the title of World Memory Champion and he went on to use his memory skills to achieve a First from Oxford University; to pursue a successful career as a broadcaster with the BBC; and, more recently, to work as a leader in education.

Jonathan has written a number of successful books about memory and learning, including ‘Brilliant Memory Training’ (Pearson) and ‘Successful Memory Techniques in a Week’ (Hodder Education). A consultant to telecommunications and entertainment companies, he also runs memory training courses in business and education, and has appeared on radio and television around the world as an expert on memory improvement. He has appeared on all five series of the popular Channel 4 TV programme ‘Child Genius’ and works with the Learning Skills Foundation to run the annual Junior Memory Championship.

The Memory Power courses are the result of Jonathan's personal adventures in memory. They explain the best strategies for learning words and numbers, lists, names, spellings, foreign languages... They reveal the secrets of speaking from memory, and demonstrate how everyone can start to be more memorable to others. They explore the best ways to study and revise. They even show how Jonathan is able to memorize playing-cards with such ease.

Memory Power explains how your brain works, and what you need to do to make it work for everything you need to know – starting today.

Jonathan Hancock is available for interview. He can also supply customized articles for your publication, explaining the benefits of a trained memory and summarizing the secrets contained in the website. He is a professional broadcaster and a skilled communicator, able to give entertaining and inspirational demonstrations of memory power.

Contact Jonathan: at or via