FREE MEMORY TECHNIQUE 1: Learn how to remember a list of ten rivers

By the end of this exercise you will be able to remember the following list of ten rivers:

Severn, Thames, Trent, Aire, Ouse, Wye, Tay, Nene, Clyde, Spey

Let's get started. Read through the following story and try to imagine it actually happening to you in your mind.

(The Memory Power courses will teach you how to do this quickly and powerfully – but do your best for now and try to picture everything as clearly as you can).


It's your seventh birthday. You're wearing a shiny badge with the number seven on it. Suddenly, teams of sports stars gatecrash the party: football teams, cricket teams, rugby teams - there are teams everywhere. You're terrified and need somewhere to hide. Where do you go? You dig a trench, and lie in it - covered by a pile of trench coats. Unfortunately there are so many coats on top of you that you start struggling for air. You're suffocating. All you can think about is air. You struggle to get out from amongst the clothes, but as you emerge you realise that you've accidentally stripped off some of the clothes you were wearing. Now you're standing there in just shoes and a pair of old Y-fronts! Someone hands you a large tray which you stand behind to hide your modesty - until you hear a loud voice shouting 'Nein! Nein!' You see a German man running towards you, horrified that you have his tray. To escape from him you stand on the tray and glide and slide across the floor, getting faster and faster until you take off and blast into outer space.

It's a crazy story, but read it through again and notice how it contains clues to a list of ten rivers:

Severn, Thames, Trent, Aire, Ouse, Wye, Tay, Nene, Clyde, Spey

This story lets you remember the UK's ten longest rivers in exactly the right order. It includes striking image 'clues' to each word, connected into a chain of events that your brain will remember if you relax and let it happen.

Here are the clues:

Read this list of clues again, then re-read the weird memory story above; go through the clues one last time; then test yourself to see how many of the ten rivers you can recall. Memory Power will show you how ancient, imaginative techniques like these can help you harness all the real information you need to know today.


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