FREE MEMORY TECHNIQUE 2: Remembering a ten digit number

By the end of this exercise you will be able to remember the following ten digit number in sequence:


Let's get started. Read through the following story and picture it in your mind.


You're watching the television news. The door of Number Ten Downing Street in London opens up and out steps 007, James Bond. He's holding a large calendar, showing all of the twelve months clearly. As the camera zooms in on it you can see that the first day of this month, in the top left corner, is highlighted. Suddenly, from that square on the calendar, playing cards start pouring out onto the street: a whole pack of colourful cards, all fifty-two of them.

It's a strange story, but it has a purpose. It's designed to teach you this ten digit number:


Think back through the story. Each moment of it reminds you of a pair of numbers. It starts at Number Ten Downing Street (10). James Bond walks out (shorten his code to 07), holding a calendar of 12 months, on which the first day (01) is highlighted. 52 playing cards spill out... completing the sequence: 1007120152.

I bet you can even recall the digits in reverse order!

So why isn't everything as easy to remember? The answer is: it can be, if you know the secrets.